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What the Ice Storm Taught Me About Being Prepared

If you've been watching the news at all you have undoubtedly heard about the severe ice storms that slammed several states last week. Unfortunately for me, my state was one of those hit. It forced me to think about preparing more thoroughly next time. If you have medical problems and live in a state with frequent inclement weather you may want to try some of these ideas yourself.

Keep medication in one place and preferably in a spot you won't likely forget them. We were forced to evacuate our home when our huge trees dropped a limb through our ceiling. With three kids screaming and a limited time to pack some things it was very chaotic. I did manage to remember the kids' medications but left every single one of mine at our house. It caused me to go four days without medicines that I needed. I am still dealing with the aftermath from that mistake.

What would have been easier would have been to have a weekly pill box with each of my medicines in it. That could have been set in a bag when the weather first started looking bad instead of scrambling to grab as many medicines as I could remember. My medicines were in various places in the house so it was very difficult to think clearly enough to remember them.

It would also be helpful, if possible, to have a weeks worth of medicine set aside along with some toiletries and other necessities. That way if you have to leave your house quickly, for any reason, you will have that bag handy.

Important numbers are a wonderful thing to add to your emergency bag. You could type all the numbers you need on to one sheet and stick it into your bag. Some numbers you might want to consider are ones for your insurance company, policy numbers, work contact numbers (in case you can not get through to your office building), doctors and emergency contacts. If you have dietary restrictions you may want to add a few non-perishable food items that you could have in a pinch.

If you have medications that require the use of electricity, such as breathing treatments, you will need to be even more prepared. If you do not own a generator you may need to make arrangements for somewhere to go should you be without power. Do not count on having family or friends with power. Our entire town was without power in this last storm. Family members with generators can be great but make sure you are safe at their house before the weather is too dangerous to travel.

As they say, "Hindsight is 20/20". I hope that some of these tips can save you the stress we dealt with this past week. We can't control the weather or plan for a natural disaster but being more prepared can make it a bit less stressful!


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