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Answering Fad Diet Questions!

My mil who suffers from IBD/UC found a diet that claims to neutralize your body. The combination of food you eat is supposed to eliminate acid reflux and colitis and pain. I would LOVE for this to work but am skeptical.

Though the diet plan looks like a pretty sound eating plan I don't believe that the order in which you eat foods or the strict nature in which they are combined will make a difference in the success of the program. In my opinion, it looks like the fact that dieters are instructed to eliminate things like soda, coffee, fast foods, and processed foods is the reason that they are seeing some difference in their pain.

This diet does have a few "iffy" items. For example, it allows non-herbal teas. That kind of tea is not generally a great idea with IBD (or acid reflux) because it can be hard on the stomach. Black and green teas also contain tannins that can bind to iron and make it harder to absorb. Iron deficiency is common in IBD so adding something that can contribute to the problem is not the best idea.

This diet plan may also not provide enough vitamin D. Vitamin D status can play a big role in IBD and you don't want to end up with a deficiency in that area either. Most IBD suffers may benefit from discussing vitamin D supplementation with their physician.

Raw vegetables account for a significant amount of this diet plan. Some IBD sufferers can not do raw veggies very often or in some cases, at all. Be careful in introducing them if they have caused a flare in the past. Vegetables are important for nutrients but should be added (along with any high fiber food) slowly to allow your body time to adjust). Steaming vegetables can make them a bit easier to digest and can be a great way to get the benefit of those nutrients.

If this plan works for your MIL then that is great! I imagine it was the switch to healthier foods that really did the trick. I wouldn't recommend anyone go off meds without talking with their DR. The fact that anyone touting a diet plan would suggest this is a huge "red flag". IBD is tricky and you don't want to end up with permanent damage. Same goes for acid reflux. Damage is not fun! My daughter Ella is walking proof of that right now. UGH!

If you have a question regarding a "fad diet" send them in and I will answer as many as possible.


Check with your
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