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August 24, 2010
Going to College with Reflux: A Mom's Point of View
Get tips from Jan on sending your child with reflux off to college!

August 17, 2010
Is It Safe For My Reflux Baby to Sleep In Her Car Seat?
Many reflux babies sleep better in their car seats but is this really safe?

August 9, 2010
Can I Drink Soda If I Have Acid Reflux? Soda is often on the "do not drink" list for those with acid reflux. Can you drink soda?

June 9, 2010
Help! My Toddler is a Picky Eater!
Picky eating is often characterized by only eating a few foods and beverages, skipping whole food groups (such as fruits and vegetables) and having a negative reaction to non preferred foods or new foods. Check out Jan's tips on dealing with picky tots!

June 2, 2010
FDA: New Labeling for PPI Medications Used for Acid Reflux
The FDA has decided to add more information to the PPI medication labels warning of an increased risk of fractures associated with the long term use of these medications.

May 28, 2010
Ask the Reflux Mom: Is It All in Her Head?
While it is unlikely that stress or anxiety will cause a digestive problem such as reflux, stress can worsen an underlying medical problem.

May 21, 2010
Ask the Reflux Mom: Teen with a Stomach Ache
There are many reasons for stomach pain and stomach aches so it might take some investigation to get to the root cause of the problem. Here are some areas to discuss.

May 7, 2010
Happy Mother's Day to the Reflux Moms!
A special Mother's Day message from Jan Gambino for all Reflux Moms.

May 5, 2010
Mother's Day Gift Ideas for Reflux Moms
Flowers, chocolates or jewelry come to mind but this year is different. Infant reflux has changed everything. So what do you buy a reflux mom for Mother's day?

April 23, 2010
Let's Move: Childhood Obesity and its Affect on Acid Reflux
Tips to encourage physical activity when your overweight or obese child has GERD or other health problems.

April 17, 2010
Best Treatments for Childhood Obesity and GERD
Obesity and Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease often occur together in children and teens.

April 9, 2010
Overweight Reflux Baby?
You may be struggling to help your baby with gastroesophageal reflux gainweight so it may seem impossible for a baby with reflux to be overweight or obese. The reality is some babies with reflux are what I call “comfort eaters”.

April 1, 2010
Childhood Obesity and Reflux
Childhood obesity affects millions of children in the United States and it is on the rise. Surprisingly, there is also a link between childhood obesity and Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD).

March 23, 2010
Confusing Lingo: Does My Baby have Reflux or GERD?
Parents and caregivers are often confused about the different lingo used to describe their little baby with “reflux”. It seems like medicine is full of long, hard to pronounce words...

March 23, 2010
Do I Have Acid Reflux or GERD?: Clearing Up The Lingo
Do you have Acid Reflux, Acid Reflux Disease or Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease? Or is it Heartburn or Indigestion? Is there a difference? When it comes to discussing the digestive system, the lingo can be very confusing.

March 9, 2010
Fussy Baby Woes: I Don't Feel Like A Good Mother
It is hard to feel like a good mother when you are not able to calm your baby... ask the Reflux Mom about how to care for your fussy infant!

February 25, 2010
Communicating with the Doctor: When Your Child is Non Verbal.
The key to getting the best medical care is clearly communicating the concerns and the symptoms.

June 8, 2009
What is Wrong with My Baby?

June 1, 2009
If Babies Could Talk: Quality of Life Issues

May 19, 2009
Top 10 Items to Bring to the Hospital

May 9, 2009
Reflux Moms Earn More on Average

May 2, 2009
Does my child with GERD need vitamins?

April 16, 2009
No Sleep: A Reflux Mom's Point of View

April 13, 2009
Beyond Tired Sleep Issues and GERD

April 3, 2009
Help My Baby Won't Sleep

March 27, 2009
GERD Parenting Sins 3

March 20, 2009
GI Nurses and Associates Day

March 13, 2009
New Baby with Reflux?

March 2, 2009
Reglan: New Warnings from the FDA

February 20, 2009
GERD Sins Part 2

February 12, 2009
GERD Parenting Sins Part 1

February 6, 2009
National Children's Dental Month

January 30, 2009
What is Your Baby's Feeding Style?

January 20, 2009
My Inauguration Story

January 09, 2009
Resolve to Take a Nap!

January 02, 2009
Save Money without Skipping Doses

December 28, 2008
Reflux Nursing Troubles? Pumping and Re-feeding

December 19, 2008
The Gingerbread House that Reflux Built

December 12, 2008
What is a Reflux Mom?

November 26, 2008
Choking, Gulping, Gagging: Does your baby have a swallowing problem?

November 16, 2008
Live from the GI Conference: New GERD Treatment Guidelines: Read about the latest information about the new treatment guidelines.

November 14, 2008
Live from the GI Conference: Increase in GERD Hospitalizations

November 13, 2008
Live from the GI Conference: Obese or Average? When is a child's weight average and when is it considered to be in the worrisome range or "obese"

November 5, 2008
Ask the Reflux Mom: My three month old has severe silent reflux

October 24, 2008
Ask the Reflux Mom: What is the connection between Acid Reflux and Autism?

October 14, 2008
AAP Recommends Doubling Vitamin D Intake

October 13, 2008
A hoarse voice may be a symptom of Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD), allergies, overuse of voice or the result of injury/intubation in children and teens.

October 12, 2008
The American Academy of Pediatrics brings together pediatricians and researchers from the United States and abroad for information on best practices and news of research to improve medical care for children from birth to adolescence.

October 11, 2008
The American Academy of Pediatrics Conference brings together pediatricians and other medical providers from around the world for sessions on a wide range of health topics.

September 29, 2008
The Croup/ Acid Reflux Connection - A study released this week found a connection between chronic croup and Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease.

September 15, 2008
Is Sleep Feeding Harmful? (Part 2) Sleep feeding (also known as Dream Feeding) is not harmful when it is used as a short term feeding method for a baby who experiences pain and discomfort from eating due to Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD).

September 8, 2008
Sleep Feeding: Questions and Answers

August 30, 2008
Care Giving: The Long and Winding Road - A Reflux Mom wrote to me: “By nature I think I am a pretty positive person. Lately I feel very stuck in anger/bitterness about the fact that it has taken so long and so many doctors telling us things were OK before my son was diagnosed with Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD). I know I am not helping myself or anyone else with resentful feelings.

August 22, 2008
GERD Baby Goes to High School - It is hard to believe but my “baby” with GERD is starting high school today. It seems like just yesterday she was a little baby struggling to eat, sleep and grow.

August 20, 2008
Going for the Gold: World Class Picky Eater - Michael Phelps may be a world class swimmer but he sure isn’t a Gold Medal level picky eater!

August 11, 2008
Travel Stories: Westward Ho! - Driving cross country with a picky eater with severe Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease seemed like a good idea at the time. At three years of age, Rebecca was a typical comfort eater, common in children with reflux.

August 8, 2008
Olympians with GERD - This week, I will be watching Laura Wilkinson, an Olympic diver with Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease as she competes in the Summer Games. I have seen a great deal of information on asthma and Olympic athletes but almost nothing on the issues of athletes with GERD.

July 30, 2008
Disney World: Reflux Style - Everyone goes to Disney World-how hard could it be?! With three kids, including one with severe Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD) and asthma, it did seem like a daunting task. But I am a pretty organized, energetic mom so I was ready to take my turn at the Magic Kingdom.

July 21, 2008
Let’s Go! Reflux Baby on Board. - Most parents agree that taking a baby with Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD) for a ride in the car can be challenging. And I am not even talking about the high price of gas to get to the pediatricians office! Before you cancel your trip to visit Grandma two states away, read on.

July 14, 2008
From Diaper Bag to Snack Bag - Eating on the go

July 4, 2008
Accessing Medical Care: One Traveler’s Approach - During the busy summer travel season, I am reminded that planning a vacation is very similar to the way I approach accessing medical care.

June 20,2008
LOL: Finding Humor - During the dark days of dealing with my daughter’s severe Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD) and asthma, I didn’t think reflux was so funny.

June 14, 2008
Memory Triggers: For Patients and Doctors too! I keep a small spiral notebook for each of my children so I can write down symptoms as needed and record information from doctor’s appointments.

June 9, 208
If babies could talk: What they would say about eating and reflux! - When you think about it, everyone has a strong opinion about food and eating. One adult may crave crunchy, salty chips while another needs to have a piece of chocolate each day. So why are we surprised when a baby expresses strong opinions about the different flavors and textures of baby formula and pureed food?

Jume 1, 2008
Adult GERD - What I have learned so far

May 18, 2008
Crying Babies and Stressed Moms - It seems like mothers are hard wired to respond to an infants’ cries with concern and empathy. We all have the image of a mother cradling her baby, singing or offering soothing words and a soft touch. When the crying is prolonged or can’t be stopped, the empathy may quickly change to feelings of helplessness, stress and anger.

May 8, 2008
Happy Mother’s Day to all the Reflux Moms out there! If you have a baby with Gastroesophageal Reflux, I know you are too busy keeping your little one fed, soothed and in clean clothes to really enjoy a day to rest and reflect. I can assure you that in time, the storm clouds of reflux will pass and your days and nights will get easier.

May 5, 2008
The Reflux Mom’s Best Tips for Healthy Teeth…When your child has GERD

April 28, 2008
The Reflux Mom’s Guide to Healthy Teeth: Recommended Treatments - When your toddler or child has Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD), it is important to locate a dentist to help you manage dental care and reduce cavities.

April 21, 2008
The Reflux Mom’s Guide to Healthy Teeth: When your child has GERD Part 1

April 11, 2008
Did Baby Emily have Reflux? This is a story about my first born daughter Emily. Sometimes I wonder if baby Emily had Gastroesophageal Reflux (GER)

april 6, 2008
GERD: A Teen’s Point of View

March 28, 2008
The GERD/Migraine Connection - Many adults with Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD) also have headaches. I have spoken to many parents of older children and teens with GERD and often hear about frequent headaches and even migraines in this group.

March 21, 2008
Can Reflux medications taken during pregnancy cause Asthma? A new study indicates that moms who took reflux medications during pregnancy may increase the risk of having a child with asthma symptoms.

March 14, 2008
Help, my child needs an Endoscopy.” I often get calls and emails from parents when their infant or child with Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD) needs a medical procedure such as an endoscopy.

March 2, 2008
Using Drawing and Art to Communicate About Reflux - Adults often comment about how difficult it is for them to communicate their symptoms and concerns to the doctor. Imagine how intimidating it must be for a child.

March 10, 2008
Following the Doctors Orders - When your baby or child has Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease or GERD, following the doctor’s orders isn’t always as easy at it looks.

February 22, 2008
Talking to Your Child about Reflux Symptoms

February 18, 2008
How to Locate a Gastroenterologist: Finding Dr. Mc Dreamy

February 11, 2008
Can Reflux and Romance Coexist? If you have just welcomed a baby with Gastroesophagaeal Reflux Disease (GERD) into your life during the past year, it is likely your lives have changed in many ways.

February 5, 2008
The Reflux Moms Meet - Jan: I felt like Entertainment Tonight or Matt Lauer should have been there when Brandi and I had our first face to face meeting. This was a momentous event!

January 27, 2008
Formula Coverage: One Mom Can Make a Difference - One way to change health care policy in the United States is to vote for a presidential candidate who supports your plan for medical insurance coverage. Another way is to participate in the process of changing laws that affect insurance coverage.

January 20, 2008
The High Cost of GERD Medications - The presidential candidates are talking more and more about the high cost of medical care and offering their proposals. I hope the candidates realize the high cost of prescriptions for patients with chronic conditions such as Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease

January 13, 2008
Part Three of a Three Part Series: Adults GER vs.GERD First, it is important define two separate but related conditions: Gastroesophageal Reflux (GER) and Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD).

January 8, 2008
Study shows increase in hospitalizations for Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD) - The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (www.ahrq.gov) studied the hospital records of patients with Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD) between 1998 and 2005. Overall, there was a significant increase in hospitalizations for all age groups due to Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD).

January 7, 2008
Gastroesophageal Reflux (GER) is a common condition from infancy to adulthood. However, there are significant differences in the symptoms and treatments depending on the age of the patient. This week, I am beginning a three part series on Gastroesophageal Reflux from infancy to adulthood.

December 31, 2007
Gastroesophageal Reflux (GER) from Infancy to Adulthood - Gastroesophageal Reflux (GER) is a common condition from infancy to adulthood. However, there are significant differences in the symptoms and treatments depending on the age of the patient. This week, I am beginning a three part series on Gastroesophageal Reflux from infancy to adulthood.

December 22, 2007
New Year’s Resolution for Reflux Moms - Now that you have survived the holidays, it is time to look ahead to the New Year. If you are like me, you are too exhausted to stay up late and watch the ball drop in Times Square! There is something about taking care of a little one with Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD) that takes my last bit of energy.

December 14, 2007
Holiday Survivial Guide for Adults with GERD - The winter holiday season is packed with shopping and celebrations. If you have Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD), it can be a real challenge to navigate the mall and the buffet table without eating foods that trigger reflux symptoms. I have put together my list of top tips to survive holiday eating when you have GERD without missing all of the fun.

December 8, 2007
Holiday Survival Guide for Kids with GERD - It can be a real challenge to get through the holidays when you are taking care of a child with reflux and trying to balance all of the other things on your to do list such as shopping, baking, traveling and entertaining. In addition, the holidays are full of delicious foods and drinks that trigger reflux symptoms such as soda, rich foods and baked goods.

December 2, 2007
New Information on Positioning a Baby with Reflux - Parents of infants with reflux always want to know the best positioning for eating, sleep and play. Positioning is a simple, low cost treatment attractive to parents when faced with the other treatment options such as medication and expensive formula.

November 25, 2007
Eosinophilic Esophagitis: A reflux look-alike? Eosinophilic Esophagitis (EE) is a chronic condition causing inflammation of the esophagus and appears to be on the increase in children.

November 12, 2007
Wishing you a Memorable Thanksgiving This Thanksgiving, your child with reflux can be the centerpiece of the celebration. I know your child has probably been the center of attention during past holidays but not necessarily for all the right reasons.

November 7, 2007
Are Doctors Over Prescribing GERD Medications for Infants? While there has been an increase in pediatric GERD, doctors and researchers are concerned that the sharp increase in GERD medication prescriptions may indicate that some infants and children do not have GERD and may be receiving GERD medications needlessly.

November 5, 2007
Reflux Look Alikes. A pattern of symptoms often suggests a diagnosis or disease. Vomiting and crying after feeding are often associated with pediatric gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD). On the other hand, vomiting and crying are also symptoms of some food allergies, Milk Soy Protein Intolerance (MSPI), Pyloric Stenosis and Eosinophilic Esophagitis.

October 29, 2007
Live From the GI Conference: GERD Caregivers A recent study presented at the NASPGHAN conference confirms what parents of children with reflux experience every day-Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD) has a significant impact on finances, caregiver’s feelings and their ability to work outside of the home.

October 27, 2007
Live from the GI Conference: Reflux Update - The field of medicine is always changing as researchers explore new theories and treatments. During the NASPGHAN conference (www.naspghan.org) sessions this weekend,I have been learning as much as possible about recent developments in the study of Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD).

October 26, 2007
Getting Away for the Weekend - It is a big deal to go away and find someone to care for you high need baby.

October 26, 2007
Live From the GI Conference: News you can use

October 25, 2007
Live from the GI Conference: North Americal Society for Pediatric Gastroenterology, Hepatology, and Nutrition (NASPGHAN) Annual Meeting. For the next few days, I will be attending the conference sessions and sending reports so you will have the newest information on pediatric gastroesophageal reflux available.

October 19, 2007
Using the Internet to Manage Medical Issues

October 12, 2007
You know you have a baby with reflux when...

September 30, 2007
GERD Surgery: Meet the Surgeon. Like most parents, I was filled with fear when the doctor said my daughter needed reflux surgery.

September 22, 1007
GERD Surgery. If an infant or child has significant complications from GERD despite optimal medical treatment, surgery may be suggested as an option.

September 20, 2007
Gripe Water Recalled - The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued a warning on September 20, 2007 regarding Baby’s Bliss Apple Flavored Gripe Water, a product commonly use to treat infant colic and reflux symptoms.

September 14, 207
Surgery: A treatment option? There is a great deal of confusion about the use of Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD) surgery for infants and children and the role of surgery in treatment. I am beginning a series of blogs about all aspects of surgery in the treatment of GERD.

September 9, 2007
My Top 10 Books about Adult Gastroesophageal Reflux - While many adults with Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD) turn to the internet for information, it is common for reflux sufferers to consult a book for information about the disease and treatment options. I have assembled my top 10 books for adult patients with GERD.

August 31, 2007
Healthy Eating at Work - There are many barriers to healthy eating at work from a rushed or non existent lunch break to that box of donuts starring at you in the break room.

August 25, 2007
Lessons from School - Going to school with reflux has taught me so many lessons about managing reflux during the school day whether it is preschool or high school.

August 17, 2007
School Lunches: Here are my best tips for helping your refluxer eat at school:

August 13, 2007
Educating the Teacher about Reflux. Most experienced teachers have dealt with a variety of chronic health issues and minor injuries in their classrooms.

August 11, 2007
Getting Ready for School. Now is the time to establish a plan for managing reflux at school.

July 28, 2007
Managing the High Cost of Medical Care - Like many parents, I quit my job to take care of my refluxer at a time when her medical expenses were high. Needless to say, this combination of factors put a huge strain on the family budget.

July 20, 2007
There are resources for families traveling with a sick child for medical care or families in need of overnight accommodations when a sick infant or child is in a hospital far from home.

July 13, 2007
Do you need a Medical Insurance Case Manager? It can be very time consuming and confusing to navigate the medical care system when you have a sick child. A case manager works for the insurance company and helps you access the services you need that are covered by the plan.

July 6, 2007
There is really no break from reflux. You can’t get away from it. You just take reflux on the road with you and hope for the best.

June 28, 2007
Do you ever peek at the calendar and count how many months until the reflux will go away? If you have a baby with reflux, you are probably hoping it will go away any day now.

June 27, 2008
Comparing the Cost of GERD Surgery vs. Medication - A new study from the Canadian Journal of Gastroenterology examined the difference in cost between surgery (laparoscopic Nissen Fundoplication) or the Stretta (non evasive surgery) vs. medication with a Proton Pump Inhibitor (PPI).

June 22, 2007
On a day to day basis, it is hard to remember all of the symptoms and treatments. I always have a small notebook in the kitchen (next to the medicine) where I can write down a few things: date, symptoms, treatments and unusual problems.

June 19, 2007
Reflux Dads - I know the dads are out there but I get the feeling most of them lurk and do not leave a message.

June 12, 2007
When she was a toddler, she hated to eat. She even hated the sight and smell of food. Most of the time, she ate just enough to stay hydrated and barely nourished.

June 5, 2007
Finding the right doctor to treat reflux can be easy or hard. Sometimes you are lucky enough to get a referral from a friend or co-worker that matches your needs right away. You and the doctor develop a working relationship and over time, the reflux gets better.

May 25, 2007
Now that Memorial Day is past, it is time to plan your summer vacation.

May 14, 2007
With Mother’s Day just behind us and Father’s Day looming in the near future, I often get a flood of memories of past holidays.

May 5, 2007
Mom Tested Ideas for Giving Medication

May 2, 2007
I want to tell you about some products that might be worth checking out for your baby or child with reflux.

April 29, 2007
Getting Your Baby to Take Medication - My daughter Rebecca needed all kinds of medication when she was a baby from reflux medication to antibiotics and vitamins. To say she disliked medicine is putting it mildly.

April 24, 2007
Making Connections - The Pediatric Adolescent Gastroesophageal Reflux Association (PAGER Volunteer) constantly receives requests for information and support from members around the world.

April 16, 2007
When a reflux baby refuses to eat, it is often referred to as a “feeding strike”.

April 9, 2007
It always makes me feel sad when a mother tells me her baby is struggling to eat, even in the newborn period

March 25, 2007
My top tips for the care and keeping of your day care provider when your baby has reflux.

March 19, 2007
Leaving your baby with reflux in the care of a day care provider takes some planning and research.

March 7. 2007
CHILD CARE PROVIDER WANTED: Nursing experience or nursing degree preferred...

February 27, 2007
Probably all moms have similar worries about day care, especially about safety and supervision. The good news is that reflux is so common that most child care providers are very familiar with the condition.

February 22, 2007
Health Central is in the process of upgrading the Acid Reflux section of their extensive health website. You are invited to preview the site and give feedback as well as leave a message.

January 25, 2007
I have had the opportunity to meet a few brave and talented parents who rose to the challenge of taking care of a baby or child with reflux. In addition to meeting the day to day needs of their own child, they used the experience to invent a product that helps other parents and children.

January 16, 2007
This poem is dedicated to the PAGER moms I spoke with over the weekend.

January 15, 2007
Winter weather causes a lot of people to feel trapped and cut off from other people. It is a lot like having a baby with reflux-parents often feel trapped at home, lonely and isolated from the rest of the world.

January 11, 2007
So how DOES a reflux mom get a refluxer to eat calcium rich foods and use vitamin supplements? The same way a reflux mom gets a picky eater to eat and take necessary and sometimes yucky tasting medication...with skill and hard work!

January 8, 2007
There is plenty of advice out there about what to feed your baby and when to introduce solids. Some doctors, grandmas and others believe that baby food such as cereal helps to reduce vomiting in babies with reflux and helps babies sleep better at night. Some parents and doctors believe that delaying the introduction of food may decrease the likelihood of developing food allergies.

January 2, 2007
The press reported on a recently published medical journal article that showed a possible link between the long term use of Proton Pump Inhibitors or PPIs and calcium absorption, leading to an increased incidence of hip fractures in adults.

December 23, 2006
As a mom and especially the mom of a high need baby, your needs often come in last place. You get more than your fair share of the baby care, clean up, medication duty and sleep deprivation. It is easy to let go of your needs and goals and just get through the next hour or the long, lonely night.

December 18, 2006
Perhaps you are in the middle of the last hectic days of preparation and feeling pretty overwhelmed by the things that are still on your to do list. Here are my tips for dealing with the holidays when you have a baby with reflux who needs you now.

December 13, 2006
I will always remember my daughter Rebecca’s first Christmas. During the entire month of December, she was constantly sick with reflux and respiratory illnesses. On top of that, her 3 and 5 year old sisters were also passing germs back and forth so one or more kids would be sick, up all night and in need of constant care at all times.

December 5, 2006
Reflux is not easy to diagnose and it often takes the doctor and the parents a few tries to really get a treatment plan in place that reduces symptoms and helps a baby feel better. A doctor may need to choose from a rather big list of options

November 23, 2006
Thanksgiving and Reflux: How to Survive the Holiday and Enjoy it too!

November 14, 2006
Thanksgiving is a time to gather friends and family and share a special meal. If you have a baby with reflux, it can be a very stressful time of year. Here are some ideas for making the best of the Thanksgiving holiday.

November 8, 2006
At PAGER, connecting parents to each other is a vital part of our mission. We have a wonderful network of volunteers to answer phone calls and emails from our world wide membership. Some of the connections are amazing.

November 1, 2006
On the day after Halloween, it is likely there are a lot of moms who will be dealing with stomach aches. . . That is why the Pediatric Adolescent Gastroesophageal Reflux Association has designated the day after Halloween, November 1 as Tummy Ache Awareness Day(TM).

October 31, 2006
Halloween can seem really scary if you are the parent of a child with acid reflux. You and your child need to navigate through a sea of unfamiliar foods and figure out if there is an ingredient that will cause an allergic reaction or digestive discomfort

October 24, 2006
Art is a great way to encourage a child to express his feelings. Your child may tell you his stomach hurts but he might not tell you how isolated and afraid he feels. A picture may show these hidden feelings and begin a dialogue that leads to a better understanding.

October 16, 2006
. . . I told one mom, some days, I wish I had a magic wand. If I had a magic wand, I would FEDEX it to you Priority Overnight and you would get it the next morning. You could take the wand and fix everything: the crying baby, the hurting and the sleep problems. While you are at it, wave the wand and fix the mess in the kitchen and the laundry pile. . .

October 11, 2006
The Pediatric Adolescent Gastroesophageal Reflux Association hosted an educational booth at the American Academy of Pediatrics Conference in Atlanta, Georgia over the weekend. The conference gives us the opportunity to build awareness of pediatric acid reflux and the services available to families through our association.

September 26, 2006
Is reflux Genetic? - I just came back from a wonderful family reunion. I have a big family so we rented a camp in rural Connecticut for a weekend of stories, memories and of course great food! We can’t help but notice how “related” we all are. . . .

September 25, 2006
My license plate reads: GERDMOM. I wanted it to say REFLUXMOM but it just wouldn’t fit! Oh well. I will do anything to educate the world about this common but often overlooked disease, even if it means using my van as a public awareness billboard. . . .

September 11, 2006
An Australian reflux support group coined the phrase “reflux rollercoaster” to describe the ups and downs of caring for a baby with reflux. I sometimes say to parents, hold on tight for a wild ride on the reflux rollercoaster. . . .

September 2, 2006
Medical Insurance Blues - If you live in the United States, it is likely you have one of the hundreds of insurance plans out there. They all have their own quirky rules, approved medications and lists of contracted physicians. Over the years, my family has been enrolled in several plans.

August 24, 2006
More Reflux Lingo - An Australian reflux support group coined the phrase “reflux rollercoaster” to describe the ups and downs of caring for a baby with reflux.

August 23, 2006
Reflux Lingo - Doctors and parents talk in a kind of short hand that is common in the world of medicine. No wonder-Gastroesophageal Reflux (GER) is long, hard to pronounce and scary sounding. By the way, it is pronounced gas-tro-e-sof-a gee-l re-fluks. I prefer Acid Reflux or just plain old “reflux.”

August 22, 2006
What is a Reflux Mom? Most people probably have an idea of what a soccer mom is. You can just imagine her unloading a car full of kids in uniforms and cleats, sitting on the side lines in her folding chair watching the game.

August 20, 2006
Let me tell you a little bit about myself and my family. First, I should tell you that I did not intend to become a reflux mom...it sort of happened by accident...
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