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Forum Guidelines and Rules

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  3. Most children will outgrow GERD at a fairly young age and will suffer minimal complications. Please be aware that there are also children who are exceptions to that rule and are dealing with SEVERE cases of this disease. There are also those cases that fall in between these extremes. We at PAGER wish to promote a supportive environment for everyone dealing with reflux but ask that you choose your postings carefully as not to scare someone who might be new to the forums and the "reflux roller coaster".
  4. "Me, too" answers are great. Parents want to know if others have similar experiences. It is nice to have company.
  5. Don't try anything at home without consulting your child's doctors.
  6. These forums are for parents and families of children with reflux - ONLY. The Adults forum is for Adults with reflux. Health professionals can contribute by writing information to be posted in the reading room or an article for the newsletter.
  7. Remember that most people DO get past reflux and their kids get better. Don't scare the new folks.
  8. Stick with a single topic on the forums. Subject lines are very important. Try to choose a subject line that best summarizes your concern.
  9. Don't tell people what to do - The best responses start with the question, "Have you considered.....?" Tell them what worked for you and ask questions about what they have done so far.
  10. Our insurance can be cancelled if people are giving medical advice (= telling anybody else to do). This is not an appropriate forum for soliticing or posting medical advice - including precise dosages of medications.
  11. GER probably has many causes and what works for one child may backfire for others.
  12. Some posters just want to vent. They may not be ready to do anything yet - please respect this.
  13. Remember that any level of GER is stressful - don't play "Quien es mas macho" or "my story is worse than yours."
  14. Don't mention anything bad about specific doctors or hospitals or they will stop referring families to PAGER. Physician referrals can be obtained by contacting families in your area offline. Post a message with your city and state in the subject line.
  15. We reserve the right to delete any message we feel is inappropriate.
  16. One of the best uses of the forums is to help you prepare questions for your next appointment with the doctor. Our volunteers can help with this as well. Just fill out our Talk to A Volunteer form.
  17. If you don't like the way a posting is phrased - give the writer the benefit of the doubt. Assume they just chose their words poorly with no malice intended. Any DELIBERATELY rude postings should be brought to the attention of the staff and will be deleted. We have yet to see a single deliberately rude posting, but several times people have become extordinarily upset at poorly chosen words. Remember that many people on this board are sleep deprived and this can make for misunderstandings.
  18. Commercial or research postings are inappropriate. Please buy an ad.
  19. We do not permit selling or purchasing items through the PAGER forums. If you choose to do so, please use your private e-mail and understand that we can not monitor the integrity of those transactions. Messages soliciting items for personal gain will be erased.
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