If you have any questions or concerns about anything you see on the PAGER discussion forums, please contact the staff. Send an e-mail with a really good subject line to gergroup@aol.com. We get lots of junk mail so a good subject line helps it to stand out.

  • Invisible paragraph breaks? The forum software doesn't create a line break when you hit your ENTER key. You have to type this <p> to make your own breaks when you type a message on the board. You can also make things bold but PLEASE don't get too cute. This discussion board is not super sophisticated and it is easy to goof it up.
  • Can't sign in? Solution #1 Are you logging in from a different computer? Our web site is trained to remember you and and log you in automatically but you only if you log in from the same computer you used the first time you registered. (Send an e-mail if you buy a new computer and we'll get it switched.)
  • Can't sign in? Solution #2 If you have been signing in fine and it suddenly stops working on that same computer, the first step is to clear your browser's cache (memorized copies of web sites you have visited). If your browser encounters a glitch due to high traffic or bad connection, the glitch needs to be cleared from the memory before it can be replaced with a good copy. On the menu at the top of your browser window, find the TOOLS and then search till you find the option to clear the cache. It is simple on some browsers and hard to find on others. If you have two different browsers (for example Mozilla/FireFox and Explorer) you have to clear both.
  • Can't sign in? Solution #3 Did your computer ask you a question about displaying secure and non-secure content? You need to say YES or you won't be able to log in.
  • Can't sign in? Solution #4 Make sure you have Javascript enabled. To to the top menu on your browser, find the TOOLS, SETTINGS area and look around till you find a way to turn on Javascript. [This is not the same thing as Java.]
  • Can't sign in? Solution # 5 Are you using Safari? We test our site with the most common browsers only. It is too expensive and time consuming to test with every browser. If you use Mozilla/FireFox, you should be fine.
  • Can't sign in? Solution # 6 Are you using Explorer Version 8? You may have to set "compatibility mode" or "interpret as IE7" to use our web site and many others.
  • Can't sign in? Solution # 7 Remember to use your screen name, not your e-mail.
  • Can't sign in? Solution #8 Did you use odd characters when you chose a screen name? The computer will mis-read screen names with *, ', :, $, #, @ etc. You can use spaces and caps but no punctuation. The best thing to do is create a new screen name. A screen name with punctuation or special characters might work sometimes but it will end up giving you trouble.
  • Can't sign in? Solution #9 In 2010, new security on many web sites includes the use of Automatic Meta Refresh ( also called Automatic Meta Redirect). This has been messing with our passwords. Our webmaster is working on a solution. Meanwhile, here is a web site that tells you how to turn it off if you need to. http://www.jkwebtalks.com/2010/02/disable-automatic-meta-refreshredirect.html
  • Can't Post? Solution #1: You must have JavaScript enabled to post messages to our web site. The instructions vary a bit with different web browsers such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla's FireFox, Netscape, etc. At the top of this window, follow these approximate steps: click TOOLS, OPTIONS, WEB PREFERENCES and look for a way to enable JavaScript. [This is not the same thing as Java]
  • Can't Post? Solution #2: You must register your e-mail address with PAGER in order to be allowed to post. Registering also signs you up for free newsletters about acid reflux and allows you to create a family profile. PAGER survives largely on donations and we need to be able to send you a donation plea every December. The PAGER forums are the most active discussion forums on the internet by far. We hope that you value them enough to let us send you a yearly update letter with a gentle nudge to donate if you can.
  • Can't Post? Solution #3: You might have upgraded to Internet Explorer Version 8. If we update our site to work with IE8, everybody using other browsers will have trouble. There is a setting somewhere in IE8 that lets you view ("interpret") web sites using IE7. This may also be called compatibility mode.
  • Can't Post? Solution #4: If you keep getting thrown to the Registration page, it is because you are not signed in. Go to the green bar at the top of the page and sign in before trying to post.
  • Search Tips: If you are looking for very broad results and want to see every posting on a topic, type multiple words into the search bar and then click "Any Words" (For example, [fundoplication fundo surgery] with "Any words" will get you dozens of postings on surgery. If you get more than 20 results, you will have to click "Next 20" to see them in batches of 20.) If you want a very narrow search, put in several words and then click "All words." This will get you just a few postings that contain all of the words. (For example, use [hiccups grandmother Iowa] to find a post with all these terms that you remember reading but can't find.)
  • Pop Up Ads: We do not use pop-up ads. If you have them, they got on your computer when you visited some other site. You can download free software to get rid of the software that creates the ads. AdAware is a popular one. There are also many free software programs that block pop-ups in the first place.
  • Abbreviations: Learn what common web abbreviations mean at http://www.webenet.com/ (Launches another window without leaving this site.) Learn e-speak.
  • Can't see an old message: Only the 20 most recent messages are available. You have to surf back behind the new messages to see the older ones. To do this click NEXT 20 just above the messages.
  • Disappearing mesages: Entire threads of conversation disappear when pictures are used incorrectly (see the bottom of this page). Please send us an e-mail with details about the disappearing post and we'll try to restore it. Who wrote it? What was the subject? When? Other details to help us find it.
  • Update your profile: Go to the green bar at the top of the home page and click SIGN IN. Scroll down to the very bottom and you will see a button that lets you edit your profile. (It is very faint. We are trying to adjust the color. Look at the bottom of the white box.) Send an e-mail if you need a simpler password or if you buy a new computer and want the web site to start recognizing you again.
  • Can't see your profile: We just found a glitch in the profiles. If you mark your profile as "secure" it can confuse your browser software by putting secure and unsecure information (like ads) on the screen at the same time. This mixed content can cause hassles. There is a setting on your internet browser that you can change. Find the setting "Display mixed content" in your internet software, and set it to "Prompt." Your computer will then ask permission to display mixed content pages. Just say Yes.
  • Do you want to use pictures to your postings? Please do this carefully!!! Keep reading!!! Incorrect code will make every topic you touch disappear and nobody will be able to see it.
    • Log in and view your profile. Scroll down and click to change your profile. Use the "Picture" field in your profile to specify an image. Don't put images in your signature field - Special characters or HTML coding in signatures makes postings disappear.
    • If you are using photobucket or a similar service, they give you an HTML string to copy. It looks something like this:
    • <a href="http://photobucket.com" target="_blank"><img src="http://i193.photobucket.com/albums/z25/Kmom_2007/KLMMay-June07024-2.jpg" border="0" alt="Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket"></a>
    • Don't copy the entire thing. That is what was causing problems. Just copy part of the information. In the above example, you would copy this:
    • //i193.photobucket.com/albums/z25/Kmom_2007/KLMMay-June07024-2.jpg

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