We are interested in establishing several different types of collaborations such as descriptive studies and awareness efforts that will improve the lives of children with acid reflux. We would like to develop materials about GERD for occupational therapists, in other languages, etc.

Our Board of Directors has authorized the concept of opening a tandem web site for adults with GERD if funding can be obtained and a staff person with the right experience can be found.

  • PAGER staff have consulted and collaborated with several teams working on different issues in pediatric GERD
    • Mapping a gene for severe, inherited pediatric GERD with Allegheny General Hospital, Center for Genomic Sciences
    • Quality of Life for families dealing with pediatric GERD with Aztra Zeneca US
    • Gut Instincts Campaign with TAP Pharmaceutical Products

There are many aspects of GERD that have not been studied as illustrated in the following graphic.

We developed this graphic for a meeting with decision makers at NIH, Digestive and Kidney Disease Institute. It is our attempt to illustrate areas where we would like researchers to focus.

Darker borders indicate areas where our knowledge is strongest - dosing of current medications (bottom right) is an area where there is
no shortage of studies.

Areas with light borders are ripe for research and we would like to establish research collaborations addressing these topics. In particular, we have a wonderful idea that will give good data on how many kids have GERD. Better than any study we have yet to see. We are looking for the perfect researchers to conduct the study and may have a line on funding.

Check with your
doctor first!