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Live From the American Academy of Pediatrics

New for 2008

The American Academy of Pediatrics brings together pediatricians and researchers from the United States and abroad for information on best practices and news of research to improve medical care for children from birth to adolescence. When I attended the conference during the past few days, I listened carefully for information about Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD) and new information parents need to know.

New Guidelines for Pediatricians

  • Vitamin D: The AAP recommends that all infants, children and adolescents receive double the recommended dose of vitamin D per day. Vitamin D and calcium are the building blocks of strong bones. With concern about the bone health of children using reflux medications, all parents of children with reflux need to be aware of the new recommendations. See my blog on this topic.
  • Dental Care: Pediatricians are on the front lines of evaluating a growing infant or toddler during well check ups and the overall health assessment now includes evaluating oral health. Doctors received in depth training on how to provide a dental screening in the doctor’s office and when to send a child to a pediatric dentist. Dental care is very important for toddlers and children with reflux since there is an increased risk of tooth enamel erosion from stomach acid backwashing in the mouth.

New Books for Parents

New books of interest to parents of refluxers were plentiful. I spoke briefly with the authors of these books and hope to bring you more in depth information about their work in the months to come. Meanwhile, take a look at these books:
  • The Happiest Toddler on the Block by Harvey Karp, M.D. (Revised and updated, 2008)
  • Food Fights: Winning the nutritional Challenges of Parenthood armed with insight, humor and a bottle of Ketchup by Laura Jana, M.D. and Jennifer Shu, M.D.
  • Mommy Calls by Tanya Remer Altmann, M.D.

Reflux Products
  • AR Pillow: I previewed new positioning products that will be available this fall.
  • Tucker Sling: A wedge/sling system that can be used for back, side or tummy sleeping.
  • Pain Ease by Gebauer Company: Pain Ease is a spray that can be applied to numb the skin for IV’s and shots. Our children often need IV’s for procedures and this product may ease the pain and anxiety.
  • Spiffies Baby Tooth Wipes: A wipe for babies 4-12 months used to clean the gums and teeth, even while your baby sleeps.
  • BornFree bottles and training cups: BPA Free plastic bottles with a silicone nipple.


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